Scale-Tech, Ltd. Has a variety of services to help minimize down time and keep your equipment running accurately.
24 hour quality service. If you are having a problem and need help regardless of the time, there will be someone on the other end of the phone to assist you. With Mobile to Mobile communication and 24 hour answering service all you have to do is call. We guarantee that a representative will return your call within 30 minutes and in most cases, be on site within 2 hours of initial call.


Scale-Tech, ltd will perform the following services under this service inspection agreement:
  • The exterior of all units will be cleaned and visually inspected.
  • All test standards will be traceable to the national standard. ( N.I.S.T. )
  • An ISO 17025 calibration report will be issued for each unit, with as found and as left condition.
  • Qualified trained technicians will perform all work.
  • Any and all additional service, cleaning or calibration work will be billed additional and only performed with customer approval.
  • Verification that calibration certificates are evaluated for compliance with ISO/IEC: 17025 and A2LA requirements.
  • Uncertainty of measurement will not be taken into account for compliance statements.
  • This Quotation covers only minor adjustments to span. corner load and mechanical scale adjustments will be billed in addition with customer approval. Any repairs needed during inspection will be documented and a formal quotation will be issued for approval.
  • The customer will supply an accessible area for calibration and will help with weight transportation while on site.


Worry free contract renewal. Scale-Tech has an unconditional contract, which means it  will never end, unless either party cancels. Expect the same quality service from year to year. Scale-Tech, Ltd. is committed to providing the type of service that keeps our customers confident in not only their weighing equipment, but with it’s service provider. Ask us for our time & material trial Service Inspection and We guarantee you will never change companies again. Our quality is exceptional and the technicians are friendly and helpful.

NOTE: Inspection Contracts are continual from year to year and can be cancelled at any time by either party giving 30 day notice. Contract prices will be reviewed each year and cost will not change without approval from both parties. All Inspection services are performed by certified Technicians. Contract Evaluations are performed at no cost to you.